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Toxic Bios f?r DMS 4 Chip " alle PS2 Modelle "
Kategorie: PlayStation 2

? Toxic Bios f?r DMS 4 , alle Modelle auch V14

ToxicBIOS v1.4 has been released. Changes since the previous release include the following:
Added support for the DMS4 S.E. series modchips (thanks to our friends at a certain webshop for the beta chips - you know who you are ;)
Added support for the V14 PS2 console
Significantly improved stability
Fixed problems booting some games from the browser with DVD+DL patching enabled
Fixed problems playing some DVD movies from recordable media
We would like to apologise for the delay with the release of ToxicOS 0.4. Work on the release was suspended for personal reasons, however now we have now resumed develoment and the release should follow shortly. Unfortunately the integrated FTP server will not be included with the 0.4 release due to stability issues but we hope to have this worked out for the following release. Hopefully our integrated cheat device will make up for it :)

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